DIANE BOULET COACHING.  An engaged and curious learning and development explorer partnering with individuals to help them lead profound changes in businesses, organizations and in their own self.

DIANE is a professional executive coach (ACC, NC), organizational development consultant and public speaker with a passion and focus on raising her clients’ awareness, helping them develop more reflective and worldly mindsets in their leadership role, creating results in their organizational ecosystem and in their own way of being.

She has dedicated her professional life to fostering collaborative practices, developing mindful leadership abilities as well as organizational empathy. She continues to pursue this mission in her coaching practice.

Presence is at the heart of her work.

Twenty-five years of mindfulness practice inform every aspect of her work and has heightened her awareness of systems inter-dependency and the importance of cultivating leadership consciousness.

Real learning gets to the heart of what it is to be human (Peter Senge)


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