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2016 Reflection Conference, Tokyo, Japan

Coache professionnelle certifiée (ACC), leader stratégique d’expérience, curieuse exploratrice du savoir et de la connaissance. Inspirée tout au long de sa carrière par de grands penseurs en leadership et en innovation tels Peter Senge et Clayton Christensen, elle complète, en 2010, sa formation en coaching. Diane accompagne les dirigeants dans le développement de leur plein potentiel tout en favorisant l’émergence d’une fusion stratégique du leadership avec son écosystème pour une transformation durable.

Son approche s’appuie sur des outils de coaching éprouvés, diversifiés et répondant au contexte et besoins particuliers de ses clients.  Elle puise dans plusieurs méthodes et systèmes de coaching, notamment le coaching ontologique, coaching de gestion, la Théorie U (MIT) et le Narrative Coaching, tout en misant sur une approche structurée reposant sur la réflexion et la mise en action pour l’atteinte de résultats cohérents tant pour l’organisation que pour l’individu.   

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Diane Boulet is a certified professional coach, a seasoned strategic leader and organizational development consultant.

As Senior Director of Organizational Development and member of the senior leadership team at an international business products corporation where she worked until 2015, Diane was integral to shaping the organization’s learning culture. She integrated collaborative practices that deepened managers’ knowledge and expertise across the organization as a means of driving business forward.

Diane works with corporate clients, individuals and with community organizations to help them create meaning in their organizations and in their own lives.  With a strong belief in her clients’ abilities to create the future they want, she uses different coaching approaches (Systemic, onthological and Presencing-based inspired by MIT’s U Theory) and partners with them to help them reach their full potential.  She bears witness to the transformational power of coaching as a means to achieve results.

Diane also collaborates with CoachingOurselves, an international leader in peer group coaching, to help leaders and managers better ‘work together to reflect on current practices, build new skills, share ideas; teach one another or solve problems in the workplace’.  She created a one-year management program based on Henry Mintzberg’s Five Mindsets of a Manager.  To read about about the experience, visit the case study.

She partners with other social innovators dedicated to lead transformation.   She facilitates workshops that enable participants to deeply experience the full pre-sencing U learning cycle  (‘Theory U is an approach to lead profound change in business, society and in self. It proposes that the quality of the result that we create in any kind of social system is a function of the quality of awareness or attention that participants in the system operate from’).   In 2016, Diane became a partner at Océan Coaching, joining a group of seasoned coaches. 

She is also a proud partner of Narrative Coaching (Dr. David Drake, Fellow, Harvard’s Institute of Coaching).

Diane graduated from Académie Coaching de Gestion in 2010 as a professional coach (ICF).  She pursued Organizational Development studies at HEC as well as an Executive Program at Queen’s University School of Business, and completed a Certificate at MIT on the U Theory.  In 2013, she was inducted into the WorldWho’sWho.

She is a member of the International Coaching Federation; a member of the Presencing Institute (Boston) and the Society for Organizational Learning. Diane is also a certified Coaching Ourselves Partner and Facilitator.

When at home at her Eastern Townships farm, Diane enjoys painting on large stones and creating wood structures for her gardens.